Minster Show
   incorporating Monkton, Acol, St Nicholas, Sarre & Cliffsend

Saturday 24th July 2021

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Public car parking in Minster is very limited, so please try to be green, and respectful to our village, by leaving your car at home and coming to the Show either by foot, bike or via public transport - train and bus timetables are available on the "Find Us" link above.

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Fred Youngster Dr.John Christine


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Date & Venue
Penultimate Saturday each July
Recreation Ground
St Mildreds Rd
Minster CT12 4DE

© 2010 Minster Show Committee
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1: All exhibits for competitions must be grown or made by exhibitors, except in floral
   arrangements where materials may be purchased.
   2: Exhibitors must not show more than the number or quantity named under each
   4: Bottles and jars must not be the shape or bear any label, cork, or lid of any
   proprietary brand of wine, jam, etc.; otherwise the exhibit will be disqualified.
   5: Only ONE exhibit per number in each Class from any one exhibitor is allowed.
   Points awarded: 1st = 5; 2nd = 3; 3rd = 1.
   6: The right of the exhibitor to enter any class shall be at the discretion of the
   7: Intending exhibitors must complete an entry form and return it to one of the Show
   Secretaries by the Thursday immediately preceding the show.
   8: Exhibits will be staged in the Show Tent from 7.30 a.m. to 9.45 a.m. Please collect
   staging numbers from the Show Secretary on arrival.
   9: Exhibitors are responsible for the proper placing of labels on their exhibits.
   This must be done so that the number on the labels can be clearly seen without the
   exhibits being moved.
   10: Entries in Class "A" must be made before the Sunday immediately preceding
   the show and will be judged any time after that date.
   11: The Committee reserves to itself the right to examine any exhibitor's garden after
   entries have been received.
   12: No exhibit may be removed before 5.00 p.m. without the consent of the Show
   Secretary. Exhibits not removed by 5.15 p.m. will be auctioned.
   13: All cups and trophies, unless otherwise stated, are perpetual challenge, and
   cannot be won outright. Cups will be presented and photographs taken.
   They will then be kept by the committee and engraved.

   14: All entries are free. Cash prizes where stated.
   15: The Committee's decision is final.
   16: The Committee cannot be responsible for the loss of or damage to, any exhibit.
   17: Any lost property on the day should be handed into the marquee and later collected
   from Attwells.


Root vegetables should be washed to remove soil.

Potatoes: medium size - about 6 oz per tuber, shapely, clean, clear-skinned, eyes
   few and shallow.

Cucumbers: fresh, young, green, tender, straight and of uniform thickness, flowers
   still adhering.

Carrots: tender roots of good shape, colour, and size; free from side roots, skins
   clean and bright for both categories.

Cabbages: shapely, fresh, and solid heart.

Marrows: young, tender fruits of uniform size.

Lettuces: firm, tender, unbroken hearts, good colour.

Radishes: fresh, medium sized, young, tender, brightly coloured roots, free from

Runner beans: long, slender, straight, fresh pods, and good colour.

Dwarf beans: straight, fresh, tender snap pods, even length and good, green colour.

Courgettes: young, tender shapely, 4" - 6" long, with flowers.

Rhubarb: fresh, straight, long, tender stalks, well-developed red colouring, leaf blades
   trimmed back to 3".

   The Show Committee accepts no responsibility for damage to floats or injuries to
   occupants of floats, other participants, or to members of the public, during the Parade.
   Float operators are advised to obtain their own Public Liability Insurance for the event,
   as our insurance specifically excludes the Parade.